Golden Number Sparkler

From birthday to grad parties, anniversaries to New Year's Eve, celebrate any occasion with golden sprinkles of joy! Sparklers are great as cake toppers, gift packaging, adornments or attached to special cards.

Big Golden Sparkler Wand Numbers are sold individually. Also available as letters and shapes.
8" tall

Sparklers are artisan crafted- slight variations add to the charm.

They need to reach a certain temperature to light.

The best way to light sparklers is a long handled butane lighter (BBQ Wand). Direct at bottom of sparkler and hold flame steady. A sparkler can light quickly or take up to 50 seconds to sparkle. Matches of a small lighter may not burn hot or fast enough to safely ignite the sparkler material.  

Alternatively: A sparkler lit with another sparkler lights almost instantly. This makes the process quick and simple. 

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