September 29, 2021


We think we really hit the nail on the head and executing this Construction themed party for Oliver’s 3rd birthday! 

We created a large balloon garland for the pavilion, and made it extra custom with caution tape fringe! This made the entire garland feel super unique and tied into the theme perfectly.

To compose our larger backdrop, we created a space for the partygoers to pick up their custom hard hats (with their names decaled on the back!), along with a clothing rack to hang construction vests.


  Dessert Detour! We incorporated Oliver’s favorite construction truck, a Digger, into the dessert table by commissioning a custom dessert wall- complete with a tire that doubled as an interactive spinning donut wheel!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Oliver!

Wild Child Party - Event Planning 
Wild Child Party- Balloons
Teak and Lace - Rentals
Denise Avalos - Photography
The Paleta Cart- Popsicles
Jesi Haack- Dessert Wall
Creative Amme- Construction Signage

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