October 26, 2018

This adventure party has sparked the need for a long overdue Indiana Jones movie marathon.  When the birthday girl asked for snakes and a monkey brain cake we knew this party would be dynamite. 
We created custom signs, risers that resembled crates, and used
various cake stands to give this desert table dimension and hight. 
This custom balloon wall was created just for Lola, and complimented the wooden cutlery, palm leaf napkins , and snake cups covering the kids table.
These creepy crawler cookies and monkey brain cake was one of our favorite details, created by
the talented    Sweet and Saucy Shop .
The Birthday girls princess costume couldn't have had us bowing faster.

Styling, design, decor, party supplies, and balloons..

Wild Child Party Shop

 Desserts    Sweet and Saucy Shop

Plants  Rooted and Wild 

Photos     Brett Sullivan

Location  The Coop South Bay 




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